Personal 1-2-1 training

Personal training with a suitable and experienced instructor is the most effective way of getting to your fitness goals. It’s also the perfit way to help you to lose weight.

Boot camps

Bootcamps are a great way to enjoy group fitness training with others with the same drive, ambition and goals to either improve fitness or lose weight.

Diet plans

Good health starts with the right nutrition, this creates the pathway to successful exercise, which work together to make you look, perform and more importantly, feel better.

Training programme

With a structured training programme specfic to your goals, you then know what has to be done each day of the week to keep you progressing.

Keep up to date!

initially I was apprehensive about using a personal trainer as I believed I worked out pretty hard anyway, Jordan helped me learn the correct techniques that really push you to achieve your goals in the right way, he introduced me to lots of exercises that make working out a lot more fun! - Yasmine Sadr